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How to make money on OnlyFans with foot photos? – Gearrice

Looking at feet is one of the most common fetishes that many users have and for this reason bare feet photos become the most popular, even more than the torso and back, which are the most common.

I want to emphasize that winning money on the Internet you do not need to show more than you want, it will be enough to know how to take good photos of your feet to start receiving extra income. Here we tell you everything you need to know about OnlyFans feet, it will not be necessary to have the figure of celebrities like Yanet García, but to know how to take advantage of what you keep inside your shoes.

The feet attract many people, including celebrities, such is the case of the film director Quentin Tarantino who in his films has shown his fascination for filming the feet of his actresses such as Uma Thurman, Bridget Fonda, Diane Kruger, Rosario Dawson, Margaret Qualle, Margot Robbie and more.

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Earning money on OnlyFans only with photos and videos of feet is a new trend and generates high income, for example you can take a look at similar accounts that charge a monthly subscription to their followers that ranges from 4.99 dollars to 50 dollars, the equivalent of $100 pesos up to approximately $1000 pesos.

You decide the fee, for example, if you get 1000 followers and your monthly fee is 4.99 dollars, you would be getting approximately $4,990 dollars, minus the 20% that Only Fans charges, your income would be $3,992 dollars per month, the equivalent of almost $80,000 approximately monthly pesos, that without counting tips.

There are several success stories and not just women, for example @jasonstromm a man who earns 4 thousand dollars a month selling photos and videos of his feet on OnlyFans.

Who pays on OnlyFans to see feet?

Feet photos have proven to be a huge draw for many OnlyFans subscribers, who come to the website looking for photos and videos of feet. Enjoying this type of content is for many a secret passion that can bring great income to content creators.

It may surprise you to know that there are many people who enjoy seeing or touching feet, this is known as podophilia, it does not necessarily have to do with something sexual, it is just a special attraction to these extremities. Many of those who share this interest have found OnlyFans an ideal platform for accounts created only to post feet.

How to sell foot photos on OnlyFans?

If you are looking for how to sell photos of your feet on the Internet and you are of legal age, it is actually very simple, you just have to create an OnlyFans account and verify your identity with the following steps:

1. Enter the OnlyFans site and click on “Register at”

two. Type your name, email and password.

3. Click on the “Enroll” option, the menu of the web page will appear.

Four. Go to your email and verify your account by opening the link that was sent to you.

5. After creating your account, what follows is to personalize your user, with a profile image, cover photo or header, a short biography or information about you, the legal country where you reside and confirm that you are of legal age.

6. Set your rates and subscriptions.

7. To receive payments for your subscriptions you achieve you must add your bank information.

8. Finally, you must verify your account with your personal documents: Photo of your official identification (INE or passport), a selfie with your official identification and confirm the expiration date of your identification.

Once your documentation has been approved, you will be able to start using your account and upload content from your feet, such as personalized photos or videos. Remember that the success of the photo does not depend on what you show, but the quality of the photo you take.

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