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Blackbird is four times faster than other video editing solutions, finds research – Technology Record

Cloud-native video editing platform Blackbird has released a new study that demonstrates that the solution is up to four times faster than on-premises platforms for popular video production workflows.

The study, titled Speed testing video editing platforms, invited sports video editors to compare the speeds of Blackbird with traditional on-premises non-linear editors (NLEs). The results found that Blackbird was between 1.8 and 4 times faster than the NLEs tested. 

“To be able to demonstrate that users of Blackbird can edit and publish content in up to a quarter of the time of other professional editing platforms on key video workflows is a fantastic result for our customers,” said Ian McDonough, CEO of Blackbird. “For us it’s just as much about why this immediacy in quality editing is important as the fact that we can do it. 

“High velocity and high-quality content production is an exponential win for media platforms and viewers. This is because faster content has higher value to the viewer as it’s closer to the live event. This is combined with the fact that larger volumes of content can be produced to meet the insatiable demand for video online.”

According to Blackbird, speed is a key to increasing viewer numbers, engagement levels and content volume, as well as providing higher monetisation opportunities, retaining brand loyalty and improving the productivity and efficiency of production teams. 

“Words like speed, scale and quality are used routinely in the industry but it’s important to measure how fast cloud editing systems really are and the direct impact they can have on your bottom line,” said Dan Rayburn, streaming media analyst. “In this study, the results are pretty staggering when comparing the speed of browser-based Blackbird with on-premises editing platforms for the creation and distribution of content to viewers. Blackbird is up to four times faster for certain workflows which is vital when every second counts for increased engagement and content monetisation.”

Read the full study at:

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