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Best Side Hustles From Home for : What to Consider – NextAdvisor

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Don’t want to leave your house? Let the money come to you instead.

“More people are working from home, which means people multitask,” says Ashley Kirkwood, an author and entrepreneur. “The internet has given people endless opportunities to connect with potential customers.” Nearly two in five Americans have a side hustle, according to research from Zapier, a marketing automation company. 

Side hustles are an excellent way to add extra money to your bank account every month. But some require working nights and weekends, or running errands around town, which may not be viable for remote workers who have family responsibilities or other commitments during the day. A side hustle that can be done entirely from home can help you pursue financial independence goals.

Here are the nine best side hustles you can do from home this month, along with advice from people who do them every day. 

9 Side Hustles You Can Do From Home

  1. Rent spare rooms or equipment.
  2. Pet sit animals in your home. 
  3. Sell new or used items online. 
  4. Get paid to blog.
  5. Offer online coaching or courses. 
  6. Take on freelance work.
  7. Start a YouTube channel.
  8. Launch a podcast.
  9. Teach English or tutor online.

No. 1: Rent Spare Rooms or Equipment

You may not even need to be a homeowner to sublet part of your living space. An extra room or even your couch could be rented out on platforms such as Airbnb or Vrbo, as long as sublets are allowed in your lease and local zoning laws are followed. Renting space is a side hustle that allows you to make money without requiring a considerable commitment or time.

Don’t have any extra space? There are other ways to take advantage of the sublet economy. If you have a spare car, you could rent it out on a platform like Turo or HyreCar. Even products like vending machines can make you extra money without you having to leave your home on a regular basis.

No. 2: Pet Sit Animals in Your Home

Believe it or not, watching other people’s animals is a multi-billion dollar industry, according to reporting from Grand View Research, a data research company. People who are busy with work or traveling during this time of year need someone to help watch their pets.

One side hustle to consider is pet sitting, which you can do from home. Services like TrustedHousesitters, Wag!, and Rover allow you to sign up, set your hours and conditions, and have pets brought to your home for pet sitting. You can watch pets on nights, weekends, or during the day if you have a remote job. 

“I started pet sitting using Rover,” says Djemilah Birnie, a creative consultant who signed up to walk dogs as a side hustle. She says she works the hours that work for her, and pet-sits the dogs from home. “I generated a few hundred extra dollars the first month, then quickly increased to $1,000 to $1,500 monthly.”

No. 3: Sell New or Used Items Online

There are two approaches to selling goods online. One is to produce the goods yourself, and the other is what’s known as retail arbitrage: acquiring goods at one price, then marking them up and selling them at another to make a profit. Both strategies can be done from home, but each has its pros and cons.

You may have items lying around your house you don’t use anymore that could be resold. Platforms like eBay, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, and even Craigslist can be a way for you to sell off unused items and make extra cash. Unless you have an endless closet, however, this money making effort won’t work long-term.

Alternatively, you can source items from manufacturers or wholesalers, such as AliExpress or Sam’s Club, then resell the goods at a markup. Either way, e-commerce allows you to do most or all of the selling from home. 

“With e-commerce, the best thing you can do is make sure you are selling something in demand,” says Chadi Boustani, an e-commerce entrepreneur and CEO of Omnipotent Media, a marketing consultancy. “Most people try to be inventors of things. The truth is you’re much better off selling what’s in demand, especially as a beginner. When you sell things already in demand, you’re just supplying demand, rather than trying to create it.”

No. 4: Get Paid to Blog

Nearly four out of five internet users read blogs, according to OptinMonster, an internet software and analytics company. If there are topics you enjoy writing about, blogging can be a side hustle you do from home. 

You can start a blog with a one-page website, and as you build readership, you can monetize the blog through display ads, Amazon affiliate links, and sponsored blog posts, in which other people or companies pay to publish an article on your blog. 

Blogging is an underrated side hustle you can do from home. If you don’t like to write, know that you could use a talk-to-text feature on your phone and talk through your blog post ideas as you take care of things around your house. 

No. 5: Offer Online Coaching or Courses

The online training industry will be valued at $243 billion in 2022, according to reporting from Statista, a data research company. People want help learning how to cook, figuring out cars, learning a new language, and exploring other ways to improve their lives. You can help them reach their goals faster through online coaching or coursework. 

Videoconferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet make it easier to coach people virtually from all over the world on almost any topic. You can charge per session or with group sessions. You can coach in the evenings, on weekends, or during the day as you have time. 

“Consider doing a group coaching model, because that can help you exponentially grow, “says Dr. Jasmine Zapata, a pediatrician who also has a side hustle of coaching people how to write books. “I’m a full-time doctor and part-time online coach. Our coaching calls are every Friday evening after work.” Dr. Zapata notes  that group coaching not only maximizes your time, but also helps your clients develop community and connection with one another.

Alternatively, you can take what you know about a topic and turn it into an online course that users can consume and go through whenever they want. Online courses allow you to make passive income and serve clients from around the world, but they also require that you record the whole course beforehand.

No. 6: Take On Freelance Work 

Freelancers contributed $1.3 trillion to the U.S. economy in annual earnings in 2021, according to the Freelance Forward Economist Report published by Upwork, a freelancing platform. Social media platforms, entrepreneurship, and freelancer platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr create an opportunity to make money by offering freelance services, all from home.

You can manage social media accounts, write blogs, create video content, edit a blog or podcast, or even become someone’s virtual assistant. 

“Facebook groups are also a great way to find clients as a freelancer,” says Tamay Shannon, a freelancer of 11 years and founder of W2S Marketing, a consulting company. “Go to Facebook and type in what your niche is, or what you’re looking to provide the service in the search bar. You’ll see a lot of groups. People are always looking for referrals and freelancers in these Facebook and Slack groups; you’ll find clients there for your side hustle.” 

No. 7: Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a platform that allows you to make money from home through paid partnerships, Google Adsense, selling other offers, and affiliate links.

Posting videos on YouTube and building an audience can make you money, and you can do it at your own pace. The good news is you don’t need a huge audience to start marking money on YouTube, but you do need to meet the YouTube Partner Program requirements. To be eligible for monetization, your YouTube account will need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of public watch time on your channel in the last 12 months.

No. 8: Launch a Podcast

As of 2021, 77% of Americans ages 12 and older had listened to online audio in the past month, according to Edison Research, a data and analysis company. The opportunities to reach people through podcasting are excellent, creating a chance to start a podcast from home and make money. Podcasting is a side hustle that allows you to make money with something you do daily: talk. You can monetize a podcast through ads, partnerships, or affiliate commissions from things you mention on the show.  

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“Your podcast has to add so much value that it brings in people who want to listen to it,” says Brad Szollose, an entrepreneur and podcaster who focuses on leadership. “As you grow your podcast, you will have the opportunity for sponsorships because you have an audience. I make sure my guests on my show are amazing. The quality of the content and growth of the podcast brought [attracted] a podcast sponsor.” 

No. 9: Teach English or Tutor Online 

If you like to teach, you can create a side hustle teaching English online through apps such as iTalki,, and Cambly. This side hustle can be done from home, and the potential to make money is good because people worldwide want to learn English.

Besides English, you can offer to tutor high school or college students or tutor individuals or business professionals that want to learn what you know. The global online tutoring services market size is expected to reach $7.72 billion in 2022, according to Grand View Research. 

“Setting and enforcing boundaries is important when doing a side hustle from home,” says Brittany Sherell, founder of Elam & Co., a global training and personal development company. “You must set boundaries with your family while working at home and with clients. You also need to set yourself up so that you’re not working on your side hustle all the time, because you can easily get burnt out.”

Start a Side Hustle From Home 

There are many opportunities to start a side hustle from home. Think through what you enjoy doing and your schedule, then pick a side hustle that aligns with your life and financial independence goals.

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