Austin’s Trading Group Is Helping Traders Gain Reliable Knowledge In The Futures Market Through Innovative Strategies & Techniques – Yahoo Finance - STRATEGIES TO EARN MONEY



Austin’s Trading Group Is Helping Traders Gain Reliable Knowledge In The Futures Market Through Innovative Strategies & Techniques – Yahoo Finance

NAPLES, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 14, 2022 / It’s no secret that the landscape has shifted since the pandemic. Today, more and more people, mostly young individuals, no longer want to settle for a nine-to-five job and instead focus on flexibility and freedom. As such, many look for opportunities that allow them to pursue this goal.

Austin's Trading Group, Monday, November 14, 2022, Press release picture
Austin’s Trading Group, Monday, November 14, 2022, Press release picture

As a testament to this dramatic shift, the demand for previously considered unconventional careers has skyrocketed, including day trading. However, these niche industries are not always easy to navigate, primarily because of their intensively technical nature. In fact, 97% of traders and investors suffer financial losses, especially those new to the scene.

Cognizant of this, Austin’s Trading Group, a premiere Futures Trading Education company, has taken on the mission of helping aspiring individuals beat the statistics to become better traders. At the helm of this organization is Austin Alhajj. Through his trading group and multiple other ventures in the trading space, he equips his clients with skills, knowledge, and resources that will help them thrive in this difficult industry.

The visionary started his trading journey quite young, at only 17 years old. Seeing an incredible opportunity to succeed through the financial markets, he started his career in the crypto space, ultimately learning significant knowledge during trading through the first crypto bull run in 2017 and 2018.

Taking inspiration from his early successes in the crypto space, Austin began to seek out other markets and became immediately fascinated with day trading, primarily focusing on the futures market. Throughout his entire journey exploring new markets and learning to sharpen his strategy for himself, Austin felt something was missing – a source of legitimate trading techniques and knowledge. Realizing that most traders fail due to having a lack of credible and profitable trading techniques and education, as well as a lack of a solid support system, he underwent thousands of hours of research and development, which ultimately blossomed into the inception of an innovative way to approach, analyze, and trade the Futures market.

This became the foundation of Austin’s Trading Group, one of the top educational companies in the trading space. Since its inception, the company has taught hundreds of traders how to get started properly in the industry from the ground up, teaching them everything from basic to advanced concepts.

When asked what motivated him to start the initiative, Austin shared, “I wanted to give people the opportunity to shorten the learning curve. I never had anyone while I was starting out that gave me a clear-cut path to trading success, so now I want to give others what I didn’t have before. I want to be that outlet for people and provide real value to up-and-coming traders.”

Newer traders, or even those just interested in trading, see the high barriers to entry, especially in the Futures trading industry. Due to that, they avoid starting or learning this skill altogether. However, many traders have received access to trading capital from proprietary firms, exclusively using the techniques and strategies of Austin’s Trading Group. “I am here to provide a real technical day trading strategy that allows anyone to learn the information and then put it into action. A real trading system should be systematic, repetitive, and have the results to prove it,” Austin explained.

The company also expanded and co-founded Trade Club in Naples, Florida, the first modern co-working space for traders in America. Trade Club is the first in-person co-working space for traders to gather, trade, learn, and grow together in a modern, unique, and supportive atmosphere.

Furthermore, Austin’s Trading Group is diving into the software development and automation side of the industry, working to create custom algorithms, programs, and indicators that help retail traders and institutions. “Automated strategies are really at the forefront of the trading industry, and quality programs are lacking in effectiveness and consistency. My strategies work extremely well and have the stats to prove themselves on the systematic side. Now it is time to automate them and move into the future with A.I.-specific strategies and algorithms,” Austin said.

Through awe-inspiring ventures such as Austin’s Trading Group & Trade Club, the hope of many fledgling traders to attain proper knowledge is no longer just a distant goal but a true potential reality.


Austin’s Trading Group is a premiere Futures Trading Education company aiming to educate budding and experienced traders with credible and cost-effective techniques to help them navigate the trading space. Throughout its many years in the industry, it continues to help hundreds of individuals achieve profitability and develop a consistent career as traders.


Company: Austin’s Trading Group
Phone number: 305-209-2898

SOURCE: Austin’s Trading Group

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