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Wondershare Filmora: The most versatile video editing software in the market – PiunikaWeb

Video editing can seem like a daunting task if you’re the “creative” type who’s still in that learning phase. The fact that every video editing software in the market looks like a hacker’s dashboard doesn’t help either.

This is where Wondershare Filmora stands out from the crowd. Before we even get into the technicalities, I would like to appreciate how friendly and inviting Filmora feels even for a video editing nerd like me.

This is the first time I’ve ever opened a new video editing software and not felt intimidated by the scarily excessive number of buttons, timelines and windows.

Filmora Stylizer

If there’s a phrase that can perfectly describe what Filmora feels like to me, it would be ‘a gentle beast’. Its easy-to-use and focuses heavily on boosting the efficiency and productivity of the creator.

By now you might have realised that I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent testing Wondershare Filmora this week. I would also love to introduce you guys to some of my favorite features of the software.

1. Instant Mode: This is one of the most useful features for people who do not want to spend hours learning video editing and all they need is a quick good-looking edit.

Just like its name, the Instant Mode takes the images, videos and songs that you want in the final video, automatically edits them, adds effects and graphics and hands you a beautiful edit.

Filmora Instant Mode

Filmora is able to do this because of its huge video templates library that has something for everyone. The best thing about this mode is that you don’t need any editing skills or experience to create the content that you want.

2. Auto Beat Sync: It’s the generation of TikTok and everyone wants to create high-octane content that is perfectly synced to the beat of the music. However, this process of syncing clips can be painstakingly exhausting.

Filmora Auto Beat Sync

This is where Filmora’s Auto Beat Sync feature blows it out of the park by automatically syncing your video clips to the song’s beat creating a slick final product.

The software analyses the clips in the timeline, identifies audio spikes and uses them to determine the best portions to cut the clips accordingly. This is incredibly smart and can save numerous hours in the long run.

3. Video Effects: If you’re into video editing, you already know how important video effects are to spice up the content and make it exciting and engaging. With Filmora, you’ll never feel a shortage of these effects.

Filmora Video Effects

The video editing software has a massive library of over 900 video effects elements that you can just drag and drop over your video clips to get amazing results.

These elements include transitions, titles, filters and motion effects that are super easy to use and high-quality.

4. Speech to Text: Creating video subtitles is a task that I’ve always hated because of its repetitive nature. You have to transcribe every sentence, create a text layer and repeat it over and over again.

Filmora Speech To Text

Filmora’s Speech to Text feature goes through the timeline and analyses the audio, creates a transcript and lets you add subtitles to the video, all with just a click of a button.

And guess what? It’s not limited to just English. The Speech to Text feature supports up to 16 languages and still manages to give you highly accurate transcripts. This can boost a creator’s efficiency significantly.

5. Text to Speech: If for some reason you don’t want to use your own voice in the videos or have a sore throat, the Text to Speech feature can be a lifesaver.

All you have to do is provide the software with some text and it will automatically create a voiceover for you. And don’t worry, the voiceovers won’t sound robotic or scare your viewers away.

Filmora Text To Speech

The software comes with multiple male and female voice options that you can choose and customize according to your preference. This is especially useful for people who create educational or tutorial-style content.

It further boosts efficiency by significantly reducing the amount of work required to create a video.

6. Auto Synchronization: There are times when you record your video and audio clips on two separate devices. This means you have to go through the struggle of syncing them during the edit so it looks natural.

Filmora Auto Synchronization

A lot of times you might end up with a weird delay between the video and the audio which ruins the entire viewing experience. With Filmora, you don’t have to be concerned about this at all.

The Auto Synchronization feature automatically syncs them together making your videos sound more clear with just a single click.

Filmora vs. the others

While Wondershare Filmora is a great video editing software, the market is filled with options that might spike your interest. However, I can guarantee that none of them come close to the ease of use Filmora offers.

Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-leading software that offers a ton of editing features, but to be honest I had to spend months just trying to learn its basics.

DaVinci Resolve is an amazing free option but doesn’t come with a huge effects/templates library or intelligent tools like Filmora.

Filmora banner

Wondershare Filmora feels like a one-stop shop for every type of creator. This is exactly why I believe that it’s the most versatile video editor in the market.

It’s fast, efficient and incredibly easy to use even for creators who do not have any prior experience with video editing. With prices starting at just US$19.99/month, I would heavily recommend giving it a shot.

You can download Filmora by clicking here. We hope it helps you become the content creator you’ve always wanted to be.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, made possible in association with Wondershare. PiunikaWeb doesn’t take any responsibility for the product being advertised here as well as how these applications are used.

About the company: Wondershare was founded in 2003 and is a software company that provides easy-to-use software for creativity, productivity, and utility. The company has served customers in over 150 countries worldwide.


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