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Malta joining the video editing software technology boom – Times of Malta

Despite having a population of less than half a billion people, Malta remains at the very forefront of European and on a bigger scale, global technology and innovation.

While most other island nations struggle for notoriety and influence within many sectors, particularly in the technological sphere, Malta has always enjoyed relative success and growth within the industry.

Critics will inevitably point to the relatively favorable tax rates in the country as a reason to attract tech innovators, however, the reality of the situation is that Malta very much in the mix in terms of technological advancements globally.

Video editing has become a huge business the world over, with the influx of social media users recognising the importance and financial ramifications of efficient video editing software.

All of the major players in the tech sphere, from Google to Apple, Microsoft to Amazon, are all looking to get a piece of the video editing software pie and that remains true in Malta too.

National downloads of applications such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Cyberlink’s Power Director are on the rise in Malta, month in, month out and the accessibility of video editing has become the norm across the country.

Video editing however represents a crowded marketplace, with a myriad of Final Cut Pro alternatives for Windows available, as consumers look to take their video editing exploits more seriously.

Compiling a video effectively can enable a company or user to go viral, presenting their product or brand to millions of users instantly and it is that worldwide, limitless appeal that has captured the imagination of users when it comes to content creation and video editing.

Malta is a country that continually punches above its weight in the tech sphere, with as much as 10 per cent of the current working population, believed to be working in recognised tech companies.

That pull and fascination with how technology develops in Malta, has enabled the country to be at the forefront of innovation in the likes of the sports betting world previously, an industry that boomed during the 2000’s and is showing no sign of slowing.

Analysts are drawing parallels between the sports betting world and the video editing sphere, with external factors all seemingly aligning to enable the video editing software market in Malta to grow.

Being ahead of the curve is always key in industry, as it enables consumers to strike before the iron is hot and ride the crest of the wave in terms of market appeal.

With more people than ever before using video editing services, in both a paid and free capacity, Malta looks to have embraced the video editing tech boom at just the right time.

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