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7 Best High-Paying URL Shorteners to Earn Money Online in 2022 – Naijaknowhow

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Shortening your links with URL shortener services is an effective way of making money online, as a blogger, writer or social media user. For every click of your shortened link, you earn money. In this article, I will cover a review of the best-paying URL shorteners to earn money online.

On Naijaknowhow, we’ve also covered a topic regarding the best URL shortener service to help you shorten your links with ease, though you want to make money with them. As we all know, URLs play a major when it comes to sharing pages with friends, and followers on social media, forums and blogs.

If you have a need to shorten your links, making them user-friendly, it’s best to also make money with them. You do not need to own a website or blog before you take advantage of these URL shorteners to earn money online. But finding the best high-paying link shortener services out there will be difficult for you, and that is why I’ll be covering a precise list of credible URL shortener websites to earn you money on the go.

Before that, let’s see what a URL shortener is all about.

What is a URL Shortener?

URL or link shorteners are applications, websites or online tools that typically convert any URL, be it short or long, to a tiny URL, for which the main objective is redirecting the users of such links to exactly the same web page or site. URL shorteners are a great way to beautify and make links user-friendly for everyone. They also have a tendency to help make you money when people click on your shortened links.

There are lots of websites and platforms out there that offer URL-shortening services with ease. They also pay you for each user that clicks on those shortened links. Below will be a list of the best shortener services to help you achieve that. Let’s delve in!

List of the Best URL Shorteners to Earn Money (High Paying)

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You should know that there are several link shortener services out there with different pay rates for every 1000 clicks that you get. Depending on the country audience you get clicks to your shortened link, some may pay up to $30 per 1000 clicks. Keep reading!

1. Adf.ly — www.adf.ly

adfly - URL Shortener to Earn Money

Personally, I would say that Adf.ly is the best link shortener service out there with amazing payout rates to its users. This URL shortener website is very popular and has a lot of users. Making money with Adf.ly would not be difficult. It’s a straightforward thing. On this website, you need only register an account and begin shrinking your links to get paid. You earn money for every person who visits your URL via adf.ly shortened link.

Social media like Facebook, and Twitter are the preferred places for you to share your links. For blog and website owners, Adf.ly offers other services like advertising on their website. You may start with their campaign offer which starts at only $5. This gets you real-time visitors and high-quality traffic to your website. Adf.ly is absolutely the best URL shortener to earn money online.

2. Linkvertise — https://ift.tt/VqnFZB7

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Linkvertise gives you the opportunity to share links and earn money for every visitor who clicks on your link. For German-speaking countries, this platform is the highest-paying URL shortener service. Surely you can make a lot of money with ease on Linkvertise. They offer as high as $70 per 1000 clicks. That is huge. You won’t be getting disturbed by irritating ad pop-ups when you navigate the site. It has a simple and straightforward design.

You get welcomed to an optimized dashboard when you sign up on Linkvertise. There’s a perfect overview of your earnings presented on your dashboard. You also have a profile setting that allows you to modify details you might have filled in wrongly during registration. Linkvertise offers its users the option of getting paid daily via bank transfer or amazon coupon. You must have earned a minimum of $10/ before you can request payment.

3. Adshrink.it — www.adshrink.it

adshrink - URL Shortener to Earn Money

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Adshrink.it is the best way to monetize and increase visitors to your content. You need just sign up for an account, which is very easy, shrink your links and begin making money. This is one of the best URL shorteners for earning money online. Adshrink.it welcomes you to detailed statistics of your profits and traffic on your dashboard. They also have a search engine to index all shrunken links, and with that, you get easy traffic to your content.

There are no invasive ads to obstruct your operation when you navigate the website. Adshrink.it offers secure and timely payments to its users. You get a fast redirect system, and premium ways to create passive income on this platform. One of these ways is by means of their referral program where you get paid for each person that registers on the website via a unique referral link.

4. Clk.sh — www.clk.sh


Clk.sh is a straightforward link shortener platform that requires you only to create an account, shorten your link, and start to earn money. There are no extra activities to engage in before you make money with this website. The awesome thing about this platform is that it doesn’t require any sort of payment from you before registration. While managing and protecting your links, Clk.sh pays you.

Clk.sh offers a referral program where you earn 20% earnings of your friends and others who sign up to the website using your special referral link. You earn this for life. There’s a feature on your dashboard that shows detailed statistics of your earnings, link engagements, and your audience. This allows you to analyse what earns you the most income and new strategies to adapt.

5. Shrtfly — www.shrtfly.com


Getting paid on Shrtfly is simple and easy. The platform only requires a minimum of $5 before a user can request for payment. Shrtfly is one of the best URL shorteners to earn money. As a blogger or social media user, making money via this platform isn’t difficult. Once you visit the site, you will be presented with a feature that allows you to shorten links, quick and easy. You can further create an account if you wish to earn money via the platform.

Shrtfly offers its users various payment methods which include; Paypal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Bank transfer and others. They provide a multi-domain feature facility that helps deliver a spam-free experience to users. You get a dedicated support team that attends to complaints and payments query. You may also send ideas and suggestions you think may help the platform get better in its style of operation. Shrtfly has over a million users worldwide.

6. ShrinkMe.io — www.shrinkme.io


As one of the best-paying URL shortener platforms, ShrinkMe.io offers an amazing user experience. The website design is very beautiful and quite easy to navigate through. They pay users as high as $220 per 1000 clicks, but it sure depends on the country where those clicks are coming from. So if you wish to earn high with this platform, you should focus on sharing your links with people in tier 1 countries.

Like many other link-shortening services out there, ShrinkMe.io offers a referral program that gives you the opportunity to earn up to $20 per every person you invite to the platform using your unique referral link. That is to say, there are 2 ways you can earn money via this platform. Either you make money via clicks to your shortened links or through the referral program.

7. Shorte.st — www.shorte.st


With over 300,000 users of which 80% are website and blog owners, Shorte.st marks a spot as one of the best URL shorteners to earn money online. If you’re an affiliate marketer you could make a ton of money with this platform. Shorte.st is easy to use and navigate. The website has a very unique design that separates it from all others link-shortener platforms. Shorte.st gives you a feature to use configurable scripts to monetize visits to your website in many ways.

You get access to reliable and quick customer service should you have any queries to submit. They reply and give you easy solutions to any problem encountered. Shorte.st offers a quick payment system to all users. The platform pays you via multiple trusted and global payment platforms. Take advantage of this URL shortener website, and earn money online with ease.


There are lots of URL shortener services out there that would help you make money online, but you’ll find that I focused on high-paying ones. The platforms I’ve listed above, are the best URL shortener to earn money online when people click on your shortened links. They offer quick and fascinating features to help you make money with ease. You can try out their referral program if you fancy the idea of earning more money. Cheers!

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