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The Wholesale Formula Reviews – Bellevue Reporter

The Wholesale Formula Seminar is an online event that consumers can attend for free to teach them how to make more money on Amazon. As part of the program, users will also learn to find products that they can sell for this profit.

What is The Wholesale Formula Seminar?

Everyone wants to find a way to make money to keep their wallet full and happy quickly. However, finding the right business opportunity isn’t easy. At the Wholesale Formula Seminar, consumers will learn plenty of details about how they can make money from Amazon with this online event.

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost head up this seminar with lessons to consumers about how they can profit from the sale of Amazon products. Everything is based on their program called the Wholesale Formula. It details what individuals have to do to create offers to improve the number of sales that they have.

Rather than involving a middleman in these sales, participants in this program are told what they need to do to sell to customers. So far, the pair behind this program has managed to sell over $30 million on the website, and the lessons that consumers will learn in the webinar ensure that they have the secrets to success.

So far, there have been multiple courses, webinars, and training sessions that Dan and Dylan have been responsible for teaching students. This upcoming event in September will be available live, and participants will have all of the knowledge that they need to launch their Amazon business with just a few days of work.


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About Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost are the hosts of this online event and the co-founders of the Wholesale Formula. However, they are both already successful in their own right.

Located in Corbin, Kentucky, Dan is already the president of Spotlight Brand Services. He co-founded this company in 2020, though his work only precedes his resume as both co-founder and partner of VA Placement. His LinkedIn profile states that he is also a partner with Urza Lands, LLC.

On the other hand, Dylan grew up in rural Kentucky, working and hustling to make every dollar until the launch of his Amazon Business. His work as the co-founder of Wholesale Formula has also helped other consumers be as successful as he’s been in these endeavors.

Initially, the twosome worked with retail arbitrage, but their online business proved to offer enough success that they could make Amazon sales full time with quite a profit. They’ve personally sold over $30 million in products since their launch.

Dan and Dylan can be reached by sending an email to

What Can Participants Learn During the Wholesale Formula Seminar?

This seminar is part of consumers’ education to sell Amazon products online. The seminar will begin with an explanation of the basics involved with starting an online business. This information includes details on picking products that will make enough money, creating offers online pertaining to the products, and increasing how much value the products offer.


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Rather than just going through the information that anyone could generalize and learn about small businesses, all of the details that consumers learn will be specific to the launch of an online store. It worked for newcomers and experienced sellers alike, helping them to be successful in wholesales.

What is The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula is the main subject of this seminar, helping viewers learn about a formula that will completely change how traditional retail’s business model looks. Plus, the viewer knows how to cut their sales cut to make a profit.

Traditionally, the product is already owned by and produced by the manufacturer in retail, which is sometimes the brand owner. When the customer makes the purchase, it comes directly from the retailer. That product is then purchased by a distributor or wholesaler, which then resells it as a middleman between the brand and the consumer. This process allows them to turn a profit.

With this seminar, viewers will learn about the formula they need to develop their own online business that makes tons of money. Dan and Dylan designed the program, and they’ll show anyone involved what they can do to find the products that will make them the most money online. From there, the viewer learns how to build an online store that can improve their profits for each product.

This method is commonly referred to as reverse sourcing wholesale, ensuring that entrepreneurs don’t deal with a wholesaler. Instead, the brand and the retailer are directly connected, which reduces the price that consumers have to pay. This lower price helps entrepreneurs attract consumers to their website, opting to spend less money.

To make this type of program work, potential online business owners have to start with finding the products that will make the most money. By participating in the seminar, viewers will learn how to find products to help them achieve their goals for the best profits.

Topics Covered in The Wholesale Formula Seminar

While watching the seminar, Dan and Dylan will discuss:

  • How to find the most profitable products to sell.
  • How to get the approval to sell the products.
  • How this sales model works for anyone.
  • Why this business model works for individuals with any level of experience or startup cash.
  • How to start the business initially.

By the time the viewer is done watching all of the content of the Wholesale Formula Seminar, choosing products will be the easy part. It will only take a few days to get the Amazon business launched, which means users start seeing profits rapidly.

When is The Wholesale Formula Seminar?

This event will take place on September 2022. The program is entirely online, and users should clear their schedule for about 2 hours to get all the content.


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Do Participants Need to Prepare for The Wholesale Formula Seminar?

The only preparation that viewers need is to make sure they have a good internet connection that day. While having a webcam and a microphone can be beneficial, they aren’t required. Then, show up to get involved.

No one who signs up has to talk or show their face during the event. However, since there’s a chat feature offered at the end of the seminar to have a conversation with Dan and Dylan directly, these tools can help.

Who Can Attend the Wholesale Formula Seminar?

Since the Wholesale Formula Seminar is an online event, anyone with an internet connection and a little time can participate. However, the primary audience expects is in the United States. International viewers can still benefit.

The Cost to Participate in the Wholesale Formula Seminar

To participate in the Wholesale Formula Seminar, the total cost is $49.99. Viewers can make this payment online. After the payment goes through, they’ll be emailed a link for the webinar so that they can check in on the webinar day.

The Wholesale Formula Seminar’s Refund Policy

If the viewer doesn’t benefit from the techniques and advice of this seminar, they can request a refund from the customer service team. The refund cannot be requested until the end of the second day.

Final Thoughts

The upcoming Wholesale Formula Seminar in September makes it possible to learn the key to making incredible online sales of Amazon products. With this inexpensive event, consumers can see the keys to making money without much extra work.


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