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Temtem money: how to make cash in the monster battling MMO – TechRadar

In Temtem, money is an important aspect you have to contend with. Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a guide that’ll have you rolling in dough in no time flat. 

Since Temtem has been available in some form since 2020, we’ve had plenty of time to figure out the inner workings of this promising MMORPG. With its debut on consoles like Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and Nintendo Switch though, a whole new wave of monster battlers are taking to the field.

With a firm emphasis on online multiplayer, Temtem goes beyond the traditional formula of Pokémon Sword and Shield. As with any MMO, you’re not going to get anywhere without some cash in your pocket.   

In Temtem, people use Pansun as currency which looks like an orange star found on the bottom right-hand corner of your inventory screen. Blank Temcards, healing items, and cosmetics can all be acquired with the right amount of Pansun, so you’ll want to acquire as much as possible. In addition, Pansun is also vital for buying the correct breeding items when it comes to how to hatch Temtem eggs. We’ve collected all the best ways for you to get the best paydays below. 

Temtem money

Temtem money: catching and releasing Temtem

Temtem how to make money, frozen landscape with a tamer and a temtem

(Image credit: Crema)

Perhaps the most effective means of raising money in Temtem can be found on the second island of Omninesia and involves teaming up with the Freetem! Organization. Just to the West of the Breeding Center, you’ll find the FreeTem! Coordinator who will pay you precious Pansun for every Temtem you release back into the wild after having caught it. 

The higher the rarity and level of your recently emancipated critter, the more Pansun you’ll rake in from the Freetem! Coordinator. So long as you have access to Temcards to capture new Temtem, you can use this method to farm as many Pansun as you need. It can be a little dull, but it’s an easy and reliable way to raise money. 

Temtem money: selling items

Temtem money: town centre at night

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Though items picked up on Temtem’s islands don’t respawn after being picked up, selling them can be a good way to raise money in a pinch. Remember to keep some for what you are going to need to succeed, but any excess is just money you aren’t spending. Simply take unwanted items to one of Temtem’s many vendors to turn them into Pansun.  

Temtem money: fighting tamers

Temtem how to make money, battle between four temtem

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Battling other tamers is a great way to earn some extra Pansun. Temtem’s islands are riddled with NPC Tamers ready for you to challenge. Defeat them, and you’ll be rewarded with Pansun. Make sure to brush up on Temtem types to ensure victory. 

You can also earn Pansun by fighting other players in PvP, though we do advise battling the NPCs first since they are, generally speaking, far easier to defeat than other humans.

Temtem money: Wishing Wells

Temtem moneya: Tamer using a wishing well

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In addition to providing more esoteric items, Wishing Wells can be a decent source of Pansun too. In order to benefit from Wishing Well rewards, you’ll need to drop a WishYouWell Coin into one of the game’s Wishing Wells. 

You can acquire these coins from certain weekly and daily quests. You can also find a pair of WishYouWell coins in Onsenshima, though, as with all items found in the world, you can only pick them up once. Alternatively, you can obtain more coins through the postal service, the FreeTem! Organization and the Nuru Lodge.  

Temtem money: the Postal Service

Temtem, how to make money, tamer in a snowy field of red grass

(Image credit: Crema)

The postal service itself is also a decent source of Pansun. You can find the postal service in Uhuru on Kisiwa island. The Postal Service offers daily quests to deliver packages to different NPCs in the world. Each day, you’ll be able to carry out between one and three deliveries. Complete the deliveries and you’ll be rewarded with Pansuns as well as fruit, candies, and other useful goodies ranging from Incubator Tickets to Telomere Hacks.  

Now you know all you need to get your hands on as much Pansun as possible. Take our advice and you’ll be swimming in cash before you know it.

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