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Bitcoin BTC/USD bull and the co-founder of the investment firm Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, has recently received backlash from the crypto community for removing Bitcoin from his Twitter bio amid current price woes.

He has also removed the laser eyes from his Twitter profile picture, symbolizing bullishness on Bitcoin. 

After years of supporting the cryptocurrency and issuing huge price predictions, Pompliano said BTC showed him that”price predictions are a fool’s game.”

However, he denies that he has changed his mind about BTC.

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“The truth is that I haven’t changed my mind on anything. Not only do I still have a deep conviction in Bitcoin and its future potential, but I have also been buying more Bitcoin, both personally and professionally, over the last few months,” he said. 

“While my conviction in Bitcoin is deeper than ever, many things have changed, though. BTC will humble anyone,” he added. 

Pompliano also said, “In June 2019, with Bitcoin sitting around $12,000, I predicted that the asset would rise to $100,000 within 2.5 years. Rather than the ~8x increase, Bitcoin only went up ~6x in that time frame. Some people would argue that the difference doesn’t matter, but I was wrong at the end of the day.” 

“It was a great reminder that humans can’t predict the future and price predictions are a fool’s game. Bitcoin helped to humble me,” he said. 

Talking about his profile picture and removing his laser eyes, Pompliano said, “I don’t need laser eyes or hashtags in my Twitter bio to hold those views. I express them by purchasing more bitcoin. I am an independent person who tries to think critically. I am willing to change my mind if I receive new information.”

At the time of writing, Bitcoin was trading at $2,1662, almost 10% up in the last seven days. 

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