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Albion Online Money Making Guide for Beginners (2022) – WhatIfGaming

The vast world of Albion provides players with a wide variety of content. Players can engage in various unique, money-making activities in the game, allowing them to participate in other more “hardcore” types of content.

However, making silver isn’t easy at the beginning, especially for new players with little to no knowledge and experience in the game. If you’re new to the game and want to make money quickly, this article can help you.

In this Albion Online money-making guide, we’ll talk about the best ways to make silver for beginners.

How to Find Out the Best Way to Make Silver in Albion Online

Determining the “best” ways to make silver in Albion Online requires a lot of consideration. There are numerous activities in this game, and most of them can be fun or profitable (or both!) depending on how you approach them.

One of the main principles in Albion Online follows the idea of “risk versus reward.”

Generally, this means that the riskier the activity, the better the rewards. Thus, experienced players who engage in riskier activities will also accumulate much more rewards in the long run.

In this guide, we’ll look at two main factors to determine the money-making potential of a specific content: the (1) level of risk involved and the (2) potential rewards.

Level of Risk Involved

If an activity involves a lower level of risk, then it’s generally much better to try for beginners. Since newer players are more likely to die due to their lack of experience and knowledge, we recommend activities that minimize their inevitable losses.

Potential Rewards

As we’ve mentioned, activities in Albion Online generally follow the principle of “risk vs reward.” So if a specific type of content involves minimal risk, chances are, its rewards will also be minimal.

However, the risk-to-reward ratio isn’t the same for all types of content. Some activities are risky yet may only give average rewards, while some “safer” activities can potentially yield greater riches.

Now that we’ve established our criteria, below are the best ways to make silver in Albion Online for beginners.


Ganking (Group)

Group ganking in action, one of the best ways to make silver for beginners
Group ganking in action by one of the best ganking guilds in the game, Shock Tactics. Source: YouTube.

Perhaps one of the most common activities in Albion Online, ganking is also one of the best ways to make money in the game. And it’s even better when you do it with a group!

Group ganking involves forming a small or medium-sized team with builds specially designed to surprise, chase, and kill solo players or smaller groups to take their loot. Your primary goal here is to simply kill as many players as possible, which equates to obtaining as much loot as possible.

What makes group ganking the best money-making activity in the game for beginners is the combination of a low level of risk and a high potential for rewards.

Millions of loots as a result of group ganking in Albion Online
Aftermath of Shock Tactics’ one Grizzly Bear kill (out of hundreds)—8.2 million silver worth of loot! Source: YouTube.

Since you’ll have superior numbers in ganking solo players or smaller groups, the risk of dying is low. Additionally, due to having a group with gears designed for ganking, your success rate for catching and killing players will generally be higher.

Don’t get me wrong—you aren’t immortal while ganking with a group. You can (and eventually will) still die. But the risk-reward ratio is definitely skewed in favor of the rewards.

If you’re lucky enough, scoring a kill on a juicy crafter/transporter can be enough to compensate for the gear of a five to six-player ganking squad.

The caveat is that you have to actually be in a group to do group ganking. Although solo ganking is possible in this game, you’d need to have plenty of experience to be successful as a solo ganker. Otherwise, you’ll just feed loot to other more experienced players or groups.

It shouldn’t be difficult to find a decent group, though. Many guilds are willing to accept new players and teach you the unforgiving ways of Albion Online PvP.


Corrupted Dungeons

Fighting the Demonic Warlock boss in corrupted dungeons

Playing corrupted dungeons is another excellent money-making activity. This is especially true if you’re good in solo PvP (or ratting, but we don’t recommend that).

Corrupted dungeons combine elements from both PvE and PvP. You have to navigate these dungeons and kill mobs to gain Infamy points. Gaining enough Infamy points summons the boss in the dungeon, which you can then kill for loot and fame.

As you navigate through the dungeon, another player may invade your dungeon, which forces you into a 1v1 fight. Similarly, you can also opt to invade another player, which allows you to invade someone else’s dungeon and force a fight.

The best part about corrupted dungeons is that they’re limited to 1v1s. You can’t win by just outnumbering your enemy—and neither can they outnumber you.

Unlike in group ganking, PvP in corrupted dungeons poses a higher risk. Since you won’t be able to rely on your team to back you up or bail you out in a pinch, you have a higher chance of dying in these dungeons.

Hence, it all comes down to your skills in solo PvP, which revolve around your mechanical skills and strategy.

Entrance to a corrupted dungeon in the black zone
Corrupted dungeon black zone entrance

The good news is that you can always start with the non-full loot option. Corrupted dungeons have three difficulty levels: Hunter, Stalker, and Slayer.

Both Stalker and Slayer levels are full loot, so you’ll lose your gears and everything on your inventory upon death. These two levels also contain much stronger mobs and require higher minimum IP. In addition, Slayer has a large Infamy requirement of 100k before you can join one.

Meanwhile, Hunter is the perfect level for newer players. It’s not full loot, so you only get knocked down when you lose. This means you won’t lose your gears and items, but you’ll have to bear the repair cost of being knocked down.

This level mainly serves as a training ground for beginners or players who are new to this type of content. Although the rewards in Hunter aren’t that great, the potential to make huge amounts of silver becomes much higher once you reach the Stalker and Slayer levels.


Trade Missions

Ongoing trade mission, one of the best ways to make silver in Albion Online

Another good way to make silver is by accomplishing trade missions. Trade missions don’t bring as much silver when you consider the tedious process required to finish them, but they can be a good, consistent source of income.

Your main goal is to travel to a specific zone while carrying the faction hearts of your chosen city. After delivering the faction hearts to the smuggler (quest NPC), they will give you a different set of faction hearts that contains more than the ones you gave them. You will then have to carry these faction hearts to your faction city.

Your source of silver for this activity is the extra faction hearts you keep upon finishing a mission. The faction hearts only slightly vary in market price, so you shouldn’t worry too much about which faction you should do trade missions for.

Despite the above-average potential rewards, trade missions are almost risk-free most of the time. The routes required for most trade missions do not force you to travel through full loot zones, so you can accomplish trade missions (except Caerleon-related ones) without stepping on the red zones.

This means there’s zero risk of losing your gear. Consequently, this means you can wear the tankiest build and mount possible to ensure the success of your missions.

The only main risk of doing trade missions is that if you get knocked down by an opposing faction, you lose all the faction hearts you’re carrying. This could be a negligible or a huge loss depending on how much you invested in the mission.

However, you can further minimize the risk by equipping the best (and tankiest) gears and mount you can. Since you don’t lose them in yellow zones, there’s no reason not to use them.

You may also occasionally encounter faction blobs. But most of the time, they’re equipped with fighting builds instead of ganking ones. You should also avoid doing trade missions during Bandit Assault events as this is when most faction groups roam to look for fights.

Another downside is that trade missions are extremely boring for most people (or probably everyone). We believe most players would agree that there isn’t any fun in traveling at least four zones back and forth for a total of eight zones with nothing else to do but click on the ground.

Doing trade missions is probably the most uneventful activity on this list. Maybe it’s more fun if you have a group to do trade missions with. But good luck finding players who are willing to do so, given how boring this activity can be.


Open World Dungeons (Solo and Group)

Solo dungeon (left) and group dungeon (right) open-world entrances
Left: Solo dungeon entrance on mountain biome. Right: Group dungeon entrance on mountain biome.

Clearing open-world dungeons is an easy way for beginners to build their starting bank and gain fame. You can do them either solo or with a group, and they’re a relatively safe way to make some silver and level up your character.

For group dungeons, having a team with good composition will allow you to clear dungeons very quickly. It also has a low to medium level of risk since you have a group to fight off divers. It just depends on whether you have a group that knows how to fight or not in case you get dove.

On the other hand, solo dungeons are practically risk-free. When you enter a solo dungeon, its entrance will close exactly 90 seconds (for red and black zones) after entering.

So, all you have to do is wait for 90 seconds to see if there will be players diving into your dungeon. If no one comes within this period, then you can start clearing the dungeon with peace of mind.

Interior of a solo dungeon in Albion Online
Fighting undead mobs in an undead solo dungeon

Unfortunately, rewards from dungeons are entirely based on luck since they’re pretty inconsistent.

Of course, the higher tier the dungeon, the better the potential rewards. But the range of rewards is too wide for this activity to be reliably profitable considering the time you have to spend clearing dungeons.

It also helps to have the loot bonus from premium, but it’s still hit-or-miss.

The main advantage of open-world dungeons is that they also give out fame combat (PvE) fame aside from the (unreliable) silver and loot rewards.

PvP activities like ganking and ZvZs only give you PvP fame. Technically, PvP fame adds nothing to your character. It only serves as an indicator of your character’s PvP exposure (and for bragging rights).

On the contrary, killing mobs in the open world or inside dungeons gives you combat fame that improves your IP and allows you to use higher-tier gears. Most players clear dungeons primarily for the fame—the silver and loot only come second.

Alternative Methods to Make Silver for New Players

Aside from the four activities we’ve mentioned, there are plenty of other ways to make silver. Unfortunately, some activities require a large capital before you can start profiting from them—something you probably don’t have (yet) as a new player.

Below, we’ve listed other money-making activities newer players can participate in. We didn’t include them in the initial list because they’re relatively worse based on our given criteria. But they can still be worthwhile, especially if you enjoy doing them anyway.


Resource Gathering

A potentially great money-making activity in Albion Online: gathering in the black zone
Gathering fiber in the black zone while on full t4 gathering gear

One of the fundamental activities of the game, resource gathering is vital to the whole economy of Albion Online. It’s also one of the first activities the tutorial teaches to new players.

Although resource gathering can be a stable source of income, it can be a tedious activity that offers minimal potential profit at the start.

Low-tier resources (T3 to T5) are generally very cheaply sold in the market. If you want to make silver more quickly, you’d have to gather T6 and above resources, especially enchanted ones. But you won’t be able to do that from the start.

Gathering requires a lot of grinding before you can reach the higher tiers where you can start making significantly more silver.


Daily Expeditions

Expedition master - a place where you can do daily expeditions, a decent money-making activity for beginners

Daily expeditions are a decent way to make a little silver at the beginning to jumpstart your economy.

You can do daily expeditions multiple times per day, but you can only get the bonus rewards of extra silver and Sealed Royal Sigil once a day.

Frankly, it isn’t worth doing these expeditions without the bonus rewards. And they aren’t worth doing past the beginning stages of your Albion experience.

Daily expeditions are basically worse versions of open-world dungeons. There’s no reason to do them other than for the daily bonus rewards. Even still, we don’t recommend doing them once you eventually obtain enough capital from doing other more profitable activities.


Crafting (and Refining)

A preview of crafting in Albion Online

Okay, we included crafting here only because it’s potentially the most profitable activity in Albion Online. Most (if not all) of the billionaires in this game are dedicated crafters.

However, crafting isn’t a profitable activity for newer players. The market is very competitive, and you’ll be fighting a steep uphill battle against veteran crafters.

Moreover, crafting requires focus points to be (sometimes barely) profitable. And as a new player, you probably don’t have focus points to burn yet.

The same goes for refining resources. Refining without focus is almost always a guaranteed loss of money. It only becomes profitable once you have a steady supply of focus points via premium.

We only recommend trying out crafting and refining for profit once you get your premium and have enough silver capital. Knowledge of creating spreadsheets can be advantageous for both these activities as well.

Final Thoughts

Having enough silver in Albion Online allows you to better enjoy the game’s other types of content, so most players prioritize making more money (especially new ones).

But even if some activities aren’t as profitable as others, that shouldn’t stop you from trying them out. After all, the important thing is that you enjoy what you’re doing. And we hope this Albion Online money-making guide proves helpful in your character’s journey.

What other money-making activities do you do? Do you have your own beginner tips you’d like to share? Share them with us in the comments below.

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