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A Complete Guide on Python Web Development – TechnoSports

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In the last few decades, python has been one of the go-to web development languages for developers. This language has transcended JAVA in many arenas. In the present scenario, web development, machine learning, data analysis, etc., has been increasing to a great extent. As a result, many developers have been switching to Python because of its powerful and abundant libraries. The language is easy-to-learn and has portability as well.  

Needless to say, it is best to become a Python developer today. If you are aiming to become one, then the Knowledgehut Web Development Course syllabus will help you out in this. In this, you will learn and have deep insight into Python. You will learn new concepts and techniques to become successful python developers. 

In this article, we will be covering all about Python Web Development. So, without further ado, let us begin by knowing the basics, i.e., what web development is!  

What is Web Development?  

People who are freshers in web development might be wondering what is web development. Well, web development is the process of building, making, and sustaining web pages. Web development also involves frontend, backend, and full-stack development.  

Web development is widely used by developers and has various advantages as well. Have a look at why python is the best programming language for web app development.  

Benefits of Python Web Development  

Today, Python is one of the best programming languages used for creating web applications. Here are the advantages of Python that every developer/ individual must know!  

  1. Extremely Effortless Learn 
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Python is a popular language that is very easy to learn. An individual who is beginning to learn web development can begin with Python. This language relies upon Whitespacing which allows one to write less code as compared to numerous languages like C++, JAVA, SQL, etc. Python also has a low entry barrier because it is like an everyday language. Thus, one can easily understand the code and learn the language as compared to other web programming languages.  

  1. Abundant Libraries & Rich Ecosystems 

Python includes many tools that help a developer access pre-written code. For instance, a developer can access Panda/ Numpy for analyzing the mathematical aspect, Pygal for charting, and so on. Python also offers some of the most amazing frameworks like Django and Flask.  

  1. Widespread Recognition  

Python is one of the most popular languages across the globe. Being the most recognized among developers, Python is updated every now and then with new features and libraries. Apart from this, the language also provides excellent documentation and community support. For new developers, Python offers support and frameworks for one to start their developer career.  

  1. Rapid Prototyping 

Python takes less time to create projects as compared to other languages. As a developer, your ideas might come to life a lot faster and easier. This will allow you to have feedback and recapitulate rapidly. This rapid prototyping makes Python a great language for startups that can hit the industry and have a competitive edge.  

Having known about the benefits of Python in web development, let us now discuss the frameworks in Python. 

Web Frameworks in Python 

A web framework is a collection of modules that includes pre-written codes and standardized codes to help in developing web apps rapidly and easily. The applications developed in Python are a lot more scalable and reliable.  

Web frameworks in Python are only used in backend development like aiding URL routing, requests related to HTTP, accessing databases, etc. Web frameworks are recommended by everyone as it helps one in developing complex web applications in significantly less time.  

Below are two of the popular frameworks in Python.  

  1. Django 

It is a Python web framework that helps in the rapid development of web applications. It is an open-source framework that is rapid, reliable, and scalable. Django offers detailed documentation and vast support from the community. It is incredibly fast and is often used by large-scale companies like Instagram, Dropbox, Pinterest, etc.  

  1. Flask  

Flask is considered a micro-groundwork that is sober and lightweight. Flask only provides the components that one needs to create an application in order to have adaptability and control. Flask is prevalent and a powerful framework used by companies like LinkedIn, Uber, Netflix, etc.  

These are the top web frameworks used in Python web development. These web frameworks help in creating complex applications rapidly and easily.  

Popular Python Libraries in Web Development  

There are a lot of Python libraries that are used for effective web development. Every developer must keep a note of it. Here are the Python libraries: 

  1. Scrapy  

As a developer, if you need a web crawler for extracting data or information for web applications, then Scrapy is amazing for this. It is an extensively used library used for uncovering patterns, automated testing scraping, and much more.  

  1. Zappa 

Zappa is another powerful Python library used for developing an app based on Lambda.  

  1. Requests  

It is a popular Python library used for sending HTTP requests quickly. This library is also used to liaise with an app, thereby helping a developer get access to HTML data and pages.  

  1. Dash  

Another integral library is Dash. It is used for developing web apps in order to undertake the process of data visualization. Dash is placed on top of Flask and offers features such as pie charts, graphs, bar graphs, dashboards, etc.  

Being one of the most popular languages, Python has a lot more to offer than we know. According to developers, Python is the easiest and most widely used programming language. Be it a beginner or a professional – this language is rapid at delivering quality-driven results.  

Now that you have an idea about the web frameworks and libraries that Python offers, let us give you a roadmap for developing applications in Python.  

Web Development in Python Roadmap 

What are the concepts that you must learn in order to learn web development? To make it simpler, here is a roadmap for developing web applications in Python. Have a look!  

  1. HTML + CSS 

While beginning with developing web pages, it is important to learn HTML and CSS. These are the two fundamental languages that every developer needs to learn in order to create web pages. It is best to learn how structural responsive pages can help in your app development journey. It will be helpful to acquire knowledge regarding the concepts like HTTP, Browser, DNS, hosting, internet, etc. It is also essential to know CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Materialize that help in speeding up the process of development.  

  1. JavaScript 

Another step is to gain an understanding of JavaScript. It is essential to learn fundamental concepts like controlling statements, variables, string manipulations, arithmetic operators, loops, and much more. After knowing and understanding the fundamentals of JavaScript, it will be easier for the developer to apply JavaScript to different codes associated with the client-servers.  

  1. DOM & jQuery  

After having a thorough understanding of JAVA fundamentals and concepts, another thing to learn is the way to manipulate jQuery and DOM to make the creation of web applications easier. By manipulating DOM and jQuery, you will learn to create creative pages and websites.  

  1. Frontend 

It is not necessary to learn frontend frameworks like React to create a web application. But it is recommended to do so! It helps in creating beautiful SPAs as well. Often when developers intend to have expertise in the front-end, learning frameworks like React is an additional requirement for recruiters. 

  1. Python 

One must know all about Python. Just like JavaScript, one must also know about the manipulation of DOM and jQuery. Understanding the basics will prepare you for working with Django and Flask. Python is an easy-to-learn language and isn’t too tricky. The concepts of JAVA and Python are quite the same so there will be no difficulty in learning Python.          

  1. Django + Database 

With the help of Django, you will be able to create the right backend environment. Developers need to learn about the databases like SQLite, how to make HTTPS requests/ queries, etc. With the combination of Django and database, one can effectively make a complete web application.  

The roadmap is not enough for developers who wish to know more about Python in web development. So, next, we will be discussing how one can create a Python web application. So, let us begin!  

How to Create Web Application in Python? 

In this section, we will be creating a Flask called the ‘Hi Everyone’ app. So, here is a step-by-step process for the same! 

  1. Install Flask 

The first and foremost thing is to install Flask. pip or pip3 is used depending upon the version of Python that one is using. Here is the code: 

Pip install flask  

  1. Flask Application  

The next step is to create a flask file called ‘hi.py.’ Use the given below code:  

from flask import Flask 

construct =Flask (_name_) 

@construct.route (“/”) 

              def hi (); 

                   return ‘Hi Everyone!’ 

If__name__ == “_main_”; 


This code will run the application and the variable will be initialized. By using these two steps, you will be able to create a flask in Python.  

Python is one of the best languages that is easy and delivers rapid results. When it comes to building dynamic and complex applications, nothing beats Python. In this article, we covered all that you need to know about Python in web development.  

If you are an aspiring developer and are starting your journey, then we would recommend you to check out the top web development course syllabus. The syllabus covers everything regarding Python. With deep insights into the concepts of Python, one will be able to gain the relevant skills and knowledge that will help one become a successful developer!   

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