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The 13 Best Video Marketing Software Solutions to Consider – Solutions Review

Video Marketing Software Solutions to Consider

Video Marketing Software Solutions to Consider

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list to spotlight some of the best video marketing software solutions to consider implementing into your company.

Video marketing continues to grow in popularity and profitability every year. As social media platforms place a higher and higher value on video content, companies across industries need to invest more in their video marketing output than ever. Whether it’s YouTube videos on a company channel, a native LinkedIn video, or bite-sized clips on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, if your company is putting out videos, it pays (literally, in most cases) to do it right.

With that in mind, the editors at Solutions Review compiled the following list of top-rated video marketing software providers. Our team selected these solutions based on each provider’s Authority Score, a meta-analysis of user sentiment through the web’s most trusted business software review sites, and our proprietary five-point inclusion criteria. The list is organized alphabetically.

The Best Video Marketing Software Solutions


Description: Adilo is a video hosting and marketing platform built to help businesses and content creators provide seamless, buffer-free streaming experiences for their audiences. The platform’s capabilities include video creation, unlimited storage capacity, custom domains, multi-user support, video management tools, multi-resolution production, branding tools, contact management, behavioral auto-tagging, automated video streaming, real-time analytics, automated caption creation, anti-privacy protection, and a suite of security tools. Adilo can also integrate with ESP and CRM platforms to expand the user experience.

Hippo Video

Description: Hippo Video is a video engagement platform designed to help B2B sales teams build relationships, solve problems, and convert visitors into customers. With its video marketing software solution, Hippo Video provides marketing teams and agencies with the tools they need to broaden their brand, track analytics, earn customer loyalty, and capture testimonials. These tools secure video hosting, lead generation, custom campaigns, video analytics, email support, video personalization, and integrations with leading marketing platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Freshsales, and more.


Description: Magisto is an AI-powered video creation for businesses looking to generate leads, build relationships, grow sales, and increase brand awareness with video marketing templates and tools. The company’s platform is powered by Vimeo and utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze videos, identify areas for further optimization, and edit the video for maximum impact. Marketers can also use Magisto to embed videos across channels, track analytics, and store videos in a secure, cloud-based location.


Description: Powtoon’s Visual Communication Platform consolidates a business’ virtual resources into a single, interactive ecosystem where users can create, manage, distribute, and measure visual content at scale. With Powtoon’s marketing tools, marketing teams can create content that expands brand awareness, generate leads, showcases products, and promote events with promotional videos, webinar templates, and video invites. Features include an extensive library of marketing video templates, screen capture software, webcam reporting, branding tools, multi-channel distribution, and tools for promoting collaboration between departments.


Description: is a video creation platform for businesses and agencies that want to improve how they promote themselves. As an official Instagram and Facebook partner, Promo can provide users with tools for creating videos and ads across those social media channels. Additional features include social media calendars, YouTube creation tools, image resizing, MP4 editing, cost estimations, LinkedIn video support, audio editing, e-commerce advertising, and templates for various departments across industries.


Description: StoryTap is a “video storytelling” solution provider that helps businesses produce and share testimonials, Q&As, and other videos from customers and employees. With its marketing-centric offering, StoryTap clients can drive brand engagement and awareness by incorporating customer voices into their marketing mix. Specific functionalities include social media video creation, YouTube syndication, video SEO tools, automated email campaigns, an intuitive video recording tool, close-captioning support, analytics, TikTok support, and more. Alongside StoryTap’s marketing solution, the company offers e-commerce and customer experience solutions.


Description: Vadoo is a video hosting and marketing tool designed to help creators and businesses record, upload, manage, and share their videos. The platform includes tools for embedding videos into emails, an HD video hosting platform, a customizable video player, landing pages to help convert viewers into leads, video-supported chat functionalities, screen recording, domain security, password-protected video sharing, HLS encryption, video analytics, podcast hosting, and more.


Description: Vidyard is a video hosting, marketing, sales, analytics, and enablement platform built to help companies connect with their audience, close deals, and optimize their content. With Vidyard’s marketing solution, marketing teams can streamline how they host and manage their video library, maximize the impact of their digital marketing programs with video content, and track that impact with analytics that automatically sync to their marketing tech stack. Additional capabilities include video hosting, SEO, interactive video elements, social media sharing, CRM integrations, automatic transcriptions, email support, and more.


Description: Vimeo is one of the most prominent global video software solutions. The Vimeo platform can help professionals, teams, and organizations use video content to create branded videos, host webinars, onboard employees, host virtual town halls, monetize video content, and more. Its marketing-centric functionalities include tools for customer acquisition, audience engagement, analytics dashboards, licensed stock videos, team collaboration, marketing asset libraries, intuitive user interfaces, and security features like Single Sign-On access and SCIM.


Description: Vyond is an “enterprise-grade” video creation platform to help businesses develop videos that drive ROI, boost conversion rates, ensure data privacy, and provide target audiences with the relevant, engaging content they want. The company’s video marketing software solution empowers users of all experience levels to create presentation decks, social media videos, product explainers, animated videos, trade show videos, and more. Vyond’s solution suite also supports cross-departmental products for sales, training, human resources, and internal communication teams.

Description: is a web-based video editor, costing, recording, and live streaming platform. Its solution suite includes products for social media video creation, Instagram video editing, animated text generation, online video development, video ad production, and video marketing. With’s video marketing software, businesses and agencies can boost engagement on social media channels, increase open email rates, create branded content, develop video funnels, share videos online, and distribute video content safely and securely.


Description: Wideo is an online video creation platform for organizations, departments, and academic institutions that want to improve how they create online videos and presentations. Its online video marketing platform provides users with customizable, ready-made templates for various use cases and tools for creating, editing, and sharing videos. Other features include animation tools, slideshow presentations, graphics libraries, branded colors, text editing, instant video previews, a soundtrack library, and more.


Description: Wistia is a video marketing software company that helps businesses create videos, track performance, and improve how they engage with their target audience. With its recording, editing, hosting, collaboration, reporting, and management tools, businesses can reach new audiences, keep viewers engaged, capture leads, record videos from their web browser, and more. Wistia can integrate with leading CRM, analytics, marketing automation, sales, customer support, email, and compliance solutions.

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