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Seener, the best investment choice for stable returns – GlobeNewswire

Singapore, Singapore, Aug. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Since the interest rate hike of the federal reserve and the crushing blow to DeFi projects, blockchain has entered a bear market. With leading tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum plummeting by over 60%, investors can barely make a profit on the market. The downturn in the market has led to massive capital flight. What’s more, the capital flight also leads to a gradual outflow of liquidity from DeFi. 

The OTC values of dozens of star projects have plummeted by more than 50%, including many unicorn projects such as OpenSea and Hoo. The well-known Three Arrows is even on the verge of bankruptcy. In such an unprecedented “market crisis,” investors are more cautious and conservative about new investments, further reducing returns. 

For investors, especially individual investors, stable returns in a bear market are very important. Investors need safe and reliable investment products to improve the efficiency of their funds and hedge against potential risks caused by the market. In this case, quantitative arbitrage may be one of the best solutions to achieve stable and reliable returns.

High returns enabled by quantitative trading

Investors, especially individual investors, usually like to make profits through their own judgement, such as low-frequency buying and selling, or potential opportunities discovered by themselves like high APY liquidity mining, staking, etc. The disadvantage is that it is difficult for a subjective human being to accurately grasp the best timing to sell or to buy. Therefore, such investors may often make low profits or even lose money in the market.

Quantitative trading can reduce transaction costs. Simply put, this is because quantitative trading opens positions in batches. For example, when you plan to buy 100 bitcoins, instead of a one-time purchase, the quantitative trading system will buy in batches according to the strategy, which won’t drive up the price and raise the cost.

Quantitative trading makes profits through the implementation of trading strategies. For example, Bitcoin, as a global asset, its price may vary in different countries. According to the strategy formulated in advance, quantitative trading can make a profit as an arbitrage trader. There are other strategies such as “turtle trading strategy”, “grid trading strategy”, “arbitrage strategy (cross-market, futures, triangle arbitrage)”, etc., which automatically buy low, sell high, and earn the spread.

Seener will establish a brand-new quantitative arbitrage ecology. Based on the traditional system of quantitative trading, it further introduces AI technology to enrich the quantitative strategy of the system, and further improves the efficiency and accuracy of arbitrage. Seener is committed to creating an AI quantitative investment platform trading all kinds of assets. On Seener, users can remain anonymous and private, while equally obtaining all kinds of quantitative strategies and products and making benefits. Seener focuses on the cryptocurrency market and adopts cutting-edge and cryptocurrency-based quantitative strategies to maximise returns for users.

Advantages of Seener quantitative trading system

Cryptocurrencies are a new type of finance, and their development history is relatively short compared to traditional finance. Therefore, the overall quantitative system for cryptocurrencies is less perfect and subject to bottlenecks, both in terms of functionality and stability.

The advent of AI in 2015 has driven the rapid development of fully automated trading in the securities industry. With a history of more than 50 years, fully automated trading now accounts for about 70% of all transactions in the global securities market. As quantitative AI trading becomes more prevalent, SEENER FOUNDATION PTE.LTD, an international digital asset management company, was established in Singapore on June 30, 2021. It consists of a team of renowned blockchain experts, talents from the traditional quantitative finance market, and a professional development and operation team. Seener was registered in Singapore on June 30, 2021.

It is currently focused on investing in funds for projects in the blockchain and fintech sectors, proactively seeking blockchain projects with a strong technical background in the global market.

At Seener, the AI quantitative algorithm can integrate all factors generated by blockchain nodes and all encrypted data into a new trading strategy library. Seener also provides value-added services for digital assets. Based on the scale of digital assets under management (AUM), Seener provides services such as multi-signature, multi-language support, traditional trading services, risk-free and high-frequency automatic quantitative trading, high-frequency automatic quantitative trading, etc.

 Seener has three major advantages, namely diversified trading assets, an open financial community and rich financial instruments. The company also has extensive experience in managing traditional and alternative assets, as well as managing assets for third-party investors. It has established a broad ecosystem of blockchain and digital assets. It maintains a solid relationship with its service providers and counterparties. In addition, Seener is actively exploring collaborations with some leading exchanges and will further expand its ecosystem in the future to include areas such as user privacy, metaverse, and Web3.

Currently, Seener has officially opened its quantitative system to investors, which is highly appreciated by the market. Seener has also created a highly lucrative income system that can bring investors far more income than other quantitative ecosystems.

The ecosystem of Seener

1) AI and IoT

AI and IoT are coming. Blockchain and digital assets on the chain will be the key pieces to the big picture. Blockchain is the best carrier for AI and IoT. Seener can automatically handle transactions of various digital assets through its own unique cross-chain and cross-contract technology. Seener will be the basis for the communication between AI and IoT.

2) The quantitative trading platform for DeFi, NFT and synthetic assets.

Seener aims to facilitate quantitative trading of various assets such as DeFi, NFT and synthetic assets. It is an integrated platform that gathers various assets and conducts investment in various potential markets through mobile applications and partners.

3) Rich services to support quantitative investments

(1) A smart digital currency investment advisory system available to all investors

Seener quantitative trading is associated with a large number of digital currency trading strategies for investors to choose from. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Historical performance is visualised, and ordinary investors can follow professional investors’ suggestions and smart trading strategies to invest. With such automated trading, you can really achieve spreads without manual intervention.

(2) Support investment strategy portfolio and multi-strategy hedging

Seener’s smart quantitative trading system for digital currencies provides the function of an investment strategy portfolio. This means you can select multiple strategies for portfolio testing to generate return curves hedged by multiple strategies.

(3) One-stop professional quantitative services for professional investors and institutions

Seener smart quantitative trading provides professional investors and institutions with a fully independent strategy writing and backtesting module, making it easy to use quantitative tools to improve investment returns.

Seener quantitative trading relies on smart contracts, cross-chain gateway technology, and smart contract technology to realise risk-free AI smart quantitative trading in digital assets. In AI quantitative trading, the platform or other third parties create the smart contracts for trading, monitoring and executing the trading process. In this way, Seener avoids the default risk of the parties involved in the process of high-frequency automated quantitative trading.

It can be concluded that Seener can provide users with stable income in the long term. In the bear market, Seener quantitative products are the perfect option for users who want to get a long-term and stable income.


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