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KineMaster Releases 6.1 Version with Easier UI and the Magic Remover Tool – GlobeNewswire

Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — KineMaster released its latest version recently with an exciting video editing tool! Magic Remover, which joins a huge list of tools and features already available to KineMaster’s mobile video editing enthusiasts. 

KineMaster 6.1 version makes video editing even easier for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

KineMaster comprehensive editing tools have turned mobile devices into a one-stop shop for compelling video content. KineMaster is your own creative agency in the palm of your hand!

  • KineMaster now opens directly to the Home screen to make finding that perfect video template easier than ever
  • Customizing video templates begins by tapping the Mix button
  • A sign-in feature provides access to video templates and a personal gallery of favorited video templates on the Me screen 

What is the Magic Remover?

Magic Remover cuts out backgrounds around people in images and video layers with just a tap.

The recently-updated video editing app KineMaster released the Magic Remover tool for its more than 42 million monthly active users around the globe. Magic Remover cleanly and completely removes backgrounds around people in images and video layers with just a tap! 

The Magic Remover is a game changer for editors! Prior to the new updated version, KineMaster already included a Chroma Key tool to remove solid color backgrounds. Other apps make it difficult to remove an image or video clip’s background, but in KineMaster the solution is easy! It doesn’t require time or special equipment to achieve, just one tap of the Magic Remover.

KineMaster works hard to increase the capability of its users to achieve astonishing results in their videos. Magic Remover brings new ease of use and power to the video editing process, making everyone a master editor.

Professional Video Made Easy 
Creating professional marketing videos is easy with KineMaster! KineMaster offers a gallery of customizable video templates for different business sectors including restaurants, realtors, educators, corporations and marketing management. All you need to do is download the app, open the home screen and get inspired to create your own video editing magic!

Promoting your business through video content shouldn’t be a privilege for corporations with big advertising budgets. With KineMaster, you don’t need to pay for an editing studio– you can create professional marketing videos easily at a fraction of the cost. 

In-app tutorials are provided to familiarize users with the tools and features KineMaster provides. Users can save and share their videos to any platform, as well as export them as .kine files to share to other devices for ease of workflow. The Me screen allows users to create a custom profile and access their liked templates for easy inspiration. Every aspect of KineMaster  was designed to make the process of creating amazing business-focused videos easier, from generating ideas to the finished product.

About KineMaster: KineMaster has been one of the world’s leading multimedia software vendors for over 20 years, growing to more than 150 dedicated employees. KineMaster features app localization and customer service support in 18 languages. By combining top-notch technology in video editing, media containers, and post-processing, KineMaster has now launched an innovative interface that makes it easier for users to interact. In the near future, the development team foresees the possibility of users sharing their projects within the app. 

Contact Information:
Gabriela Leme 

Download the app:

KineMaster for IOS

KineMaster for Android

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