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How to make money playing online mobile games – Game Freaks 365

How to make money playing online mobile games

There are plenty of ways to make money online, but most people think it’s all about getting a part-time job or making passive income on the side, which often requires years of experience. Although these are good options and you can go that route that comes without any stress. You can start playing games and make money every single day. It might sound too good to be true like winning the lottery, but earning money in your spare time from home playing just a few games on your phone is possible.

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Making Money on Mobile Games

If you put enough time into playing the game, you should eventually get to a point where you can earn enough money to take care of your expenditures. As we will go through this article, we will discuss different ways to make money by playing popular mobile games like Clash Royale or Clash of Clans.

Mobile games are different than their console counterparts in that they require a pretty low amount of time to play. The main way that you can make money with mobile games is through the purchase of a single premium currency called “gems” which are often used for purchasing new weapons or characters in the game. If you put enough time into playing the game, you should eventually get to a point where you can earn enough gems to buy the things that you want. Here are some ways you can earn money playing mobile games. 

Clash Royale

Watch Videos and Earn Extra Coins

One of the most common ways to earn extra coins while playing a mobile game is by watching videos. Some games will let you watch ads in exchange for free coins or gems as an alternative, but there’s no doubt that watching a video is easier and more passive than taking part in a survey or filling out a form every day. You can convert these coins into cash later by selling them. 

Watch and Earn Free Gifts

Many online games offer a reward for watching and rating videos like Clash of Clans, where you watch videos to earn gems or coins. You might also find that some games give you extra gifts and extra rewards for rating their videos. If you have an account with YouTube, it’s worth checking out what they’re offering related to your game(s). They also offer many other features that can make it easier to earn extra coins and gems through watching videos.

Watch Out for Special Events

Some games will have special events that you can participate in to earn extra rewards like extra packs or special equipment or just fun stuff like a free battle pass for Clash Royale, or a free upgrade for Clash of Clans. These events usually happen once every few days, and the rewards are great. Make sure you check the current offers on each game’s website for details on these events.

Watch Live Matches and Earn Extra Rewards

Similar to watching videos, some games also offer live tournaments with rewards and prizes. There are tournaments for Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, and more, and you can often win big rewards like a banner to show you just won or stuff like rare packs. Just like watching videos, these matches often take place once every few days so keep an eye on your games’ social media channels.


If you regularly play mobile games, you may want to consider signing up for Swagbucks. The site features a number of deals, offers, and the potential to earn real cash playing mobile games like Merge Dragons, Rise of Kingdoms, and State of Survival.

Earn Rewards from Completing Daily Quests

BattleRite is an awesome game with an award system called Daily Quests which rewards you for playing the game with a lot of free loot in the form of crystals, experience points, and other things. It’s a game that rewards you for playing instead of buying everything with real money. Some games also offer daily quests that give you rewards for playing. Most of these are pretty easy and only take about 10 minutes to complete, so it doesn’t look like an active way to make money in the game, but if you can get enough quests in a week then it might be worthwhile and very helpful.

Complete Daily Quest to Get Bonus Loot

Bear with me for a second because this one gets a bit technical for Clash Royale, but if you’re a fan of Vainglory you might want to check out the Vainglory Daily Quest rewards. Essentially, if you log in daily on their website and play the game, you earn a quest every time. To get these quests they also require you to watch ads (and complete them) which is also very easy and passive if you already have an account with them (or sign up). Make sure to check the rewards you can win with each quest because they are all different and they can sometimes be really cool stuff like a free banner or a lot of gems.

Earn Gems by Completing Challenges

Working on challenges in Clash Royale is also another good way to earn gems in the game, but if you have tried them before then you know they can take a lot of time to complete and many of them aren’t very rewarding. It usually only takes a few minutes to do, it takes longer than something like watching videos on YouTube and it may sometimes even pay off. It’s worth trying though so you can get a better idea of what challenges are available and how much time they take.

Try to Win Prizes from Games

Warlords is a free-to-play online browser game that’s similar to Clash Royale. At some point during the game, you will have to choose one of 2 champions and compete against other players by battling other players in teams of 2 people using this game’s unique hero system. The best thing is that if you win a game, you get a challenge for another player and if you win, you will be rewarded with rare items and an amount of gold. Keep in mind that this game is rated by everyone and is suitable for all ages. There are many similar games that offer different prizes. 

Try to Win Prizes from Tournaments

There are many games that offer monthly or annual competitions, and winners from around the world can win great cash prizes and other gifts. These tournaments are held at regional, local, national, and international levels. 

Trading and Selling Items in Online Games

Online games are a great place to sell items that you don’t regularly use, such as achievements, gold coins, or rare collectibles. To find out which games you can do this with, you’ll need to do some research as each game is different. The more popular games will have an easier time earning you a profit, though.

Daily Deals on Steam

Steam is one of the largest digital distribution platforms that regularly offer special sales for various titles on the platform. Be on the lookout for these sales so that you can snag some great games for a cheap price and then turn around and sell them at a profit via an online marketplace.

Playing Live Streamed Games on Twitch

Twitch is a site that allows gamers from around the world to stream themselves playing video games so that viewers can tune in and watch. If you’re pretty good at playing one particular game, consider streaming it on Twitch in order to make money passively while not having to do much more than just play a game for fun. Be aware, however, that this isn’t easy and may require quite a bit of extra equipment depending on the type of game you play. 


I hope this list has inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to making money with mobile games. With the right amount of work, the right amount of persistence, and just enough creativity, you too can make real money with mobile games. Keep coming back to our website for more gaming tips and tricks. 

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