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. Last updated: Aug 01, 2022

Making money in GTA Online can be time-consuming, but hundreds of players shared their best strategies.

GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises update introduced several high-ticket items. New vehicles such as the LM87 go for $2,915,000.

For some GTA players, that is pocket change, but for others, that can take hours, if not days, of gameplay and grinding.

Fortunately, we released a Special Cargo guide that should make earning cash faster and easier, but since then, other GTA Online players have shared their fastest ways to make money.

gta online criminal enterprises vehiclesgta online criminal enterprises vehicles

Take-Two Interactive

Criminal Enterprises is GTA Online’s first major update of the year.

GTA Online players share money-making schemes

A recent update overhauled the in-game economy, and players earn more from various activities.

A Reddit user shared their best money-making scheme and claimed to make 60 million dollars from using the bunker.

The player posed the question to the rest of the community; What is your best strategy, and how much did you make?

Nightclubs are a great source of income for GTA Online players. 10 nightclubs are available for purchase in GTA online, and players can customize the club’s style and name.

One player claimed to make around 60 million dollars from owning a nightclub. The comment received over 500 upvotes.

Another player stated, “my agency has to be my best money-making method. Grinding out payphone hits and security contracts has made me millions so far.”

Rockstar recently held a special promotion that rewarded players 2x the rewards through payphone hits.

A player claimed to make 120 million from the Cayo Perico heist.

An update on July 29 fixed several Cayo Perico heist bugs, such as the cutscene bug during the Cayo Perico Heist Finale.

Be sure to give these a go if you’re looking to make a lot money in GTA Online.

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