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Explained: How ‘fake clothing websites’ lure customers to make money online – ummid.com

With each passing day, as more people use the Internet, digital fraud has become a dangerous trend. Read More

Fake Clothing Websites

New Delhi: In the era, when so many authentic/branded outlets are available, both digitally and physically to buy things, netizens are still falling prey to the web of ‘fake clothing websites’ and losing their hard-earned money.

With each passing day, as more people use the Internet, digital fraud has become a dangerous trend.

Time and again, the police across the country alert and make the people aware about these online frauds. But every time, the thugs manage to trap people with new techniques. The latest one is fake clothing websites, which are duping customers in the name of providing less expensive products.

Notably, the Mumbai Police had last year informed people about these websites and even named a few. But the cheats acted smart and changed old with new domain!

So, what’s their modus operandi?

Netizens get robbed from the websites, which pop up on social media. On those clothing selling platforms, people are shown branded clothes at very low prices from the market rate.

Having the option of buying branded clothes at low prices, people get tempted. They start shopping on those websites without thinking about any fraud.

Money transactions take place through debit or credit cards. As soon as the payment is done, a message is also sent to the buyer’s phone that ‘your goods will reach your home in 2-3 days’. This makes the buyer feel that the website is authentic.

However, the delivery never comes. After waiting for three-four days, buyers go to the link shared on message, and face the reality. The website doesn’t open and this is when people realise that they have been cheated.

Any way to get back money?

Next to impossible or rather no, says a Delhi Police official on the condition of anonymity.

Speaking to IANS, the officer said that people must buy only from the reputed, authentic websites.

“And moreover, if there is no Cash on Delivery option, better avoid them. These frauds keep changing their locations and website names which make it difficult for the police to nab them. We have made a few arrests too. People sometimes avoid filing reports (FIR). But I would suggest that they file complaints so that police get alert and also alert the people,” the officer pointed out.

“Sasta lalach adami ko fasa deta hai. Police had arrested an IT expert in this regard earlier. Using fake websites selling household items, the accused duped more than 22,000 people for more than Rs 70-80 lakh,” he added.

Police repeatedly make netizens cautious about fake shopping websites and ask netizens to remain aware, but cheaters act smart, remain one step ahead and take hard-earned money from the people.

List of fraud websites

shartiy5.myshopify.com, shopiiee.com, white-stones.in, jollyfashion.in, fabricmaniaa.com, takesaree.com, assuredkart.in, republicsaleoffers.myshopify.com, fabricwibes.com, efinancetic.com, thefabricshome.com, thermoclassic.site, kasmira.in.

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