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Avery Dennison Prioritizes Recycled Content In Product Development | Label and Narrow Web – Label & Narrow Web Magazine

As attendees walk the halls of Labelexpo Americas, there will be quite a few products on the show floor that might have seemed inconceivable four years ago. From a material standpoint, there has been a swift influx of products featuring recycled content. Today, the label and package printing industry has taken numerous strides in regards to sustainability, and many of these developments will be highlighted at the event, which takes place September 13-15, 2022, in Rosemont, IL, USA.

Avery Dennison is introducing a number of new recycled content products at the event. For example, the company will be unveiling its new recycled content film (rMDO), which will be offered in both clear and white. The conformable film contains 30% post-consumer recycled content and is also paired with Avery Dennison’s new AD CleanFlake adhesive technology to enable recyclability.  

The company will also debut a recycled content direct thermal paper (rDT) with 15% recycled. The product will be highlighted alongside several products available with an rPET liner. The film liner has 30% recycled content.

From a facestock perspective, Avery Dennison boasts a variety of products with 30-100% recycled content. These include the company’s Recycled Content Wine paper facestocks. These new products have been engineered to keep pace with the booming demand for sustainable labeling products.

“Consumers are becoming more mindful of the impact their purchases and behavior have on the planet,” explains Christina Vargo, product manager, films, Avery Dennison Labels and Packaging Materials. “As a result, they will support businesses that promote circular models aimed to reduce, reuse and recycle. 

“Brands are looking to design their packaging for recyclability and the label plays an important role,” she adds. “The label can help communicate to consumers how their product impacts the environment, educate the consumer on how to recycle their product and help enable the recycling of the container.”

While the demand for recycled content remains high, the continuing supply chain challenges have made these endeavors somewhat more difficult. For example, rising costs and availability have directly impacted the timeline for brands to introduce recycled content into their packaging.  

“As we face inflationary pricing, the addition of recycled content has been challenging due to higher premium costs,” comments Vargo. “Brands that recognize the consumer need are willing to take the premium for the greater goal of sustainability. We are also seeing supply issues of recycled content in the market, creating difficulties to obtain a massive amount. This is caused by more brands wanting to incorporate recycled content while we globally do not have a stable recycled content supply chain.” 

However, Avery Dennison is working diligently to support customers in their sustainability efforts. According to Vargo, Avery Dennison has created films that have recycled content in them, transitioned its adhesive business to AD CleanFlake in order to enable recycling of PET and HDPE containers with the hope to increase the recycled content supply in the long run, and followed market trends around sustainability to help converters as they build their environmental goals.

“The goal is to move closer to a more circular economy,” remarks Vargo. “For now, we can make steps like rMDO or AD CleanFlake Technology, but in the future we as consumers all need to buy in. Adoption is key for converters and brands to reach their sustainability goals. Building the story on why recycled content is so important and how each of us can play a role in a more sustainable world.”

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